Beggars Alliance
Beggars Alliance - trans
Element Poison
Attack Type Physical
Range Close
Recommended Weapons Spear & Falchion
Mounts Wolf

White Wolf

""When you see a worthy person, endeavour to emulate him. When you see an unworthy person, then examine your inner self."

Description: Every good general that goes into a war has a plan; the same can be said of the Beggars Alliance Kung Fu. The fighting style is based on a series of moves that build and increase the strength of their next attack. Although their attacks are mainly physical, they also use poisons squeezed from venomous snakes & insects.

Function: Their skills are balanced. They are good at attacking and dodging. They can bind the resurrect BUFF on team members. It is the only class who can use combos which allow them to increase their hit strength with each blow.

Location: Beggars Alliance.


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