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Minimum lv Requirement




Lv 1-5 taught by

Da Li: Master Moon (207,195)
Luo Yang: Crafty Long (61,146)
Su Zhou: Tanner Tseng (109,130)

Lv 6-10 taught by

Twin Island: Bamboo Yuen (108,140)

Craft is a Life Skill.


Crafting in can enable players to create extremely powerful items. Players are able to craft Armors, Accessories, and Weapons. You may notice how some players have items that are 5 stars and above. This is because they craft their own items and being extremely lucky to get a hold of a 5 star and above item.

Note: The more stars an item has, the more valuable it is.

Where to learn Crafting?Edit

Players can learn crafting skills in "Arms, Clothing, and Accessories" of your local map in Luo Yang/Su Zhou and speak with the NPCS to learn crafting skills. After learning the life skill, players can click on the bottom left tabs and find "Skills - Life skills".

You may notice you have learned three different skills - Making, Refining, Decorating.

Making: Clothing making. These are Armor plates, helmets, shoulderpads, and boots.

Decorating: Accessories making. These are necklaces, rings, and amulets.

Refining: Weaponry making. These are two-handed weapons, one-handed weapons, falchion, spears, and circles.

How to use itEdit

Once the skill has been learnt to the required level one must learn a recipe, which can be bought from your class master for class contribution points. Once the desired recipes are learnt you must find the right plan. The low level ones can be bought from npcs in the cities such as Crafty Long, though the higher level ones can be bought from npcs in various Wild Fields, such as West Liao. Players can use Plans (material needed for crafting) and dark silver nugget/refined iron/cloth scrap to make their desired equipment.

Note: Dark silver nugget is for accessories making. Refined iron is for weapon making. Cloth scrap is for clothing making.

Levelling RequirementsEdit

Level Cost Minimum lv Experience
Lv 1 10Silver 50 n/a
Lv 2 15Silver 50 15000
Lv 3 22Silver 50Copper 50 20000
Lv 4 33Silver 75Copper 50 25000
Lv 5 50Silver 62Copper 50 30000
Lv 6 10Gold 50 35000
Lv 7 12Gold 50 40000
Lv 8 14Gold 50 45000
Lv 9 16Gold 50 50000
Lv 10 18Gold 50 55000

How to Craft Video GuideEdit

thumb|500px|Using the Craft Skill in TLBB.

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