Flame Skill is the Pyromancer life skill. The skill and formulas can only be learnt by members of the Pyromancer Class that are at least level 30.


Lv 1 Flame SkillEdit

Flames Lv 1 Formula

Pure Flames Formula

Red Sparkle Formula

Lv 2 Flame SkillEdit

Lv 1 Dark Formula

Lv 1 Sacred Formula

Lv 3 Flame SkillEdit

Warm Flames Formula

Lv 4 Flame SkillEdit

Red Flames Formula

Flames Lv 2 Formula

Glorious Ray Formula

Swift Flame Formula

Lv 5 Flame SkillEdit

Lv 2 Sacred Formula

Lv 6 Flame SkillEdit

Lv 2 Dark Formula

Lv 7 Flame SkillEdit

Massive Fire Formula

Lv 8 Flame SkillEdit

Lv 3 Dark Formula

Lv 3 Sacred Formula

Lv 9 Flame SkillEdit

Fairy Flame Formula

Lv 10 Flame SkillEdit

Flames Lv 3 Formula