Ghostly Shaman

"Ghostly Shaman is a member of mistery religion, it lives and dies in Wild Plain, it also attacks all the people who walks into their place."

Where can it be found?Edit

Wild Plains

What can it drop?Edit

Ghostly Shaman



Aurora Knot

Autumn Blade

Bane's Jade Amulet

Blue Ring

Calm Shoulderpads


Cracked Shoulderpads

Daisy Porridge

Dharma's Jade Amulet

Dharma's Spear

Dragon Ring

Eagle Eye Gloves

Enchanted Air Powder

Fairy's Cloth Mantle

Fan Rib

Fey Jade Circle

Fey's Hana Necklace Fey's Jade Amulet

Flax Hat

Flax Shoes

Flowing Wristbands Hat of Infatuation

Heavywind Blade


Ice Block

Ice nucklei

Imperial Blade

Infinity Cotton Hat

Jade Amulet od Focus

Jade Circle of Bane

Lizard Cuff

Lizard Cuff of Bane

Locked Shoulderpads

Lvl 1 Grid Box

Lvl 1 Healing Salve

Lvl 1 Statice Powder

Lvl 1 Traveling Bag

Nunchakus Paper Fan of Bane


Pure Pearl

Rainbow Circle


Ring of the Fated

Sateen Gloves

Silver Dragon Boots

Silvery Gauntle


Tasseled Spear


Sandalwood Fan

Silver Spear

Spacousness Helmet Sunward Wristbands

Venom Hana Necklace

Vile SHoulderpads

White Sponge Cake

Willow Amulet

Willow Belt

Woolen Garments

Ghostly Shaman Boss

+1 Ice Block

+1 Ice nuclei

+1 Ring

+1 Rime

Beef Ball Noodle

Blossom Ring of Vine

Broken Fabric Shirt

Broken Footwraps


Coarse Cloth Cloth

Coarse Cloth Gloves

Cotton Hat of Venom Cotton Yard Cloth

Cotton Yarn Gloves

Dharma Silver Helmet

Evil Lizard Slipper

Fabric Cloth

Folding Fan Infinity Clubs Belt

Iron Circle

Iron Sword

Lvl 1 Air Powder

Lvl 2 Healing Salve

Painting Scroll

Peach Wood Sword

Red Tassel Spear

Redolence Knot

Silvery Gauntlet

Straw Ring

Sunward Wristbands

Tasseled Spear

Ghostly Shaman Captain

+1 Amber

+1 Fan Rib

+1 Nunchakus

+1 Pikestaf

+1 Rime

+1 Shankbone

+1 Thread

Lvl 1 Air Powder

Lvl 2 Grid Box

Dharma's Helmet

Fleece Wristbands

Mimosa Shoulderpads

Moon Watcher

Night Dragon Boots

Painting Scroll

Solidarity Iron Fan

Sturdy SHoulderpads

Top Jujube

Yam Porridge