Guild City map


Guild cities are large centres that serve as headquarters to a guild. Guild cities cost 1000 gold to construct, if available and provide a variety of benefits to the guild members.


Food: Officer Chu (129,99)Edit


  • Development Quest

Thickened city wall: ???

Learning life skill:

  • Planting
  • Herbalism
  • Max HP Increase

Maidan: Officer Tung (147,96)Edit


  • Expansion Quest

Build guild flag: ???

Practice Defence: ???

Build advanced corner tower: ???

Buy engineering formula: ???

Finance: Officer Chien (148,56)Edit

Receive Banknotes: If your rank is trader or above, you can receive banknotes and do guild trade.

Return Banknotes: Return your banknotes here when you minimum profit has been achieved in guild trade.

Submit past due banknote: Return unsubmitted banknotes.

Learning life skill:

  • Stamina Boost
  • Impulse

Merchant Shop: Purchase and sell guild trade items here.

Receive salary: If you have done guild trade twice or more between Sunday and the next Sunday, you can claim a salary here.

Get Guild Managers’ welfare: Able to collect experience and some gold once you have the city for 5 days. Ranks believed to be officer and above. Needs confirmation on the gold and experience given.

Claiming of Salary and Managers' welfare will be deducted from guild contribution as well as guild fund.

Armor: Fearless Chow (150,45)Edit

Entrust to forge: ???

Guild Costume: ???

Mystic Shop: ???

Military: Wei Woo (135,50)Edit


  • Assassination
  • Search for the rebel
  • National Defence Quest
  • Send Information

Government: Wuming Cheng (99,54)Edit


  • Construction Quest
  • Research Quest

Guild Message: statement from Guild Leader or Deputy

City construction: detailed status of the guild constructions. Leader and Deputy use this to initiate upgrades and constructions.

City research: detailed status of the guild research projects. Leader and Deputy use this to initiate research.

Promoted to .. (eg. First Lieutenant): A title one can claim after achieving a certain amount of guild contribution (does not cost contribution).

Commercial route: Where guild leader/deputy can establish trade routes with other guilds.

Back to Luo Yang: teleports you back to Luo Yang

Construction: Sturdy Ma (65,55)Edit


  • Project Quest

Equipment Repair: ???

Agent Synthesize gems: ???

Get Guild Care: Acquire a 1 hour buff (once a day). Costs 1 guild contribution.

Learning life skill:

  • Casting
  • Sewing
  • Mining
  • Craft

Recipe Shop: ???

Weapon: Harold Kong (44,46)Edit

Entrust to forge: ???

Mystic shop: ???

Residence: Yushan (44,58)Edit

Train the Pet: ???

Pub: Fat Du (44,74)Edit

Learning life skill:

  • Cooking
  • Regimen

Buy Recipes: ???

Shop: Amiable Mu (46,90)Edit


  • Market Quest

Management of business circles: ???

Learning life skill:

  • Fishing
  • Max MP Increase

Medicine: Wong Lu (50,98)Edit

Learning life skill:

  • Pharmacy
  • Pharmacology

Buy Recipes: ???

Technology: Targos (73,93)Edit


  • Science Quest

Research new item: ???

City statue: ???

Design a guild emblem: ???

Get Gold Copybook: Obtain a Gold Copybook. Used in Luo Yang to change your guild title if applicable. (costs 50 guild contribution to obtain)

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