As a member of a guild you have to opportunity to partake in guild trade. This is a process of acquiring banknotes from Officer Chien (149,56) in your guild's city and taking them to a city or another guild city to sell, then return with their resources to sell and acquire profit.

Trade RulesEdit

  • There is a limited number of banknotes available per day.
  • If the banknote profit value exceeds a certain amount (eg 10g for lv 45-54) then the banknote must be traded in and therefore the trade finishes.
  • Cannot use a mount or teleport/use city escort whilst on a trade run.
  • Limit of 8 trade runs per day per character.
  • The price of an item depends on the time of the Clock.
  • Must be at least level 40.
  • Must be appointed to be a trader, or have a higher rank in the guild.

Example Trade GuideEdit

Below is a trade guide for level 40-54 traders in the guild Dragon Gate, which has a guild city in (West) West Lake.

Maximum Grain Price Times:

West Lake: 11,2,5,8
South Yan: 12,3,6,9

From (West) West Lake:
Talk to Officer Chien (149,56) in the Guild City
Receive Banknotes
Click "Merchant Shop"
Buy 2 grain at 94s 50c each
Exit the city into West Lake
Go to Su Zhou
Travel north in Su Zhou to Reed Port
Travel from Reed Port to Mt. Sanctity
Go through Mt. Sanctity to Luo Yang
From Luo Yang, go to South Yan
Then go to the (South) South Yan Guild City NPC
Enter into the guild there (Exodus)
Find their Officer Chien (149,56)
Click "Merchant Shop"
Sell the grain for.....3g 57s 20c
Buy 7 grain at 94s 50c each
Go back to the (West) West Lake city via the way you came
Talk to Officer Chien (149,56) for a final time
Sell the grain for......3g 57s 20c
Return Banknotes

Takes about 15 mins


A reward is given once a trader has caused the "Present Value" to exceed the "Full Balance" amount. Listed below at the maximum profits available for certain level ranges. In the table below the full balance is noted as "Min. Hand-in Value". Once the minimum hand-in value is achieved, a trader must cash in their cheque.

Trader Level Initial Banknote Value Min. Hand-in Value Value Limit Max. Personal Reward Guild Contribution Reward Exp Reward
40-54 2Gold 10Gold 25Gold 5Gold 5 45k
55-69 3Gold 15Gold 35Gold 7Gold 5 45k
70-84 4Gold 25Gold 45Gold 9Gold 5 55k
85-100 5Gold 30Gold 55Gold 11Gold 5 55k
101-114 5Gold 31Gold 60Gold 12Gold  ?
115-120 6Gold 32Gold 65Gold 13Gold  ?


  • Ensure there is sufficient room in the "stuff" section of your inventory, as this is where the puchased goods will be, so you want to have as much room as possible to carry as many high-value goods as possible.
  • Some players "taxi", which is where one player who has a fast mount is the leader of a team, and any traders who wish to be "taxied" are in the team. They are dragged from scene to scene using team follow, making the trade process much quicker, though more intensive. Except for from the guild city to wild field, the players must stop following before each portal and pass through them themselves.
  • Be careful when selling that the time does not tick, as this can change the sell price and end profit significantly.

Trading DayEdit

Saturday is Trading Day, giving all handed in profits a total of 1.5 times the normal value.

Quitting the tradeEdit

As you already know being in trading mode prevents you from using inter-city teleports and mounts. If you by any reason need to get rid of the banknotes other than finishing the trading quest, you can do this in Da Li from Helping Yu (80, 133) in the area marked Delete. He can delete any quest items and relieve you from these quests.

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