The Kung Fu World of TLBB is a large world with many cities, wild fields, caves and other scenes that you can explore.

TLBB World Map

TLBB World Map


Cities are where you can buy pots, heal yourself, save your money, do quests, .....

Pet IslandEdit

Pet Island contained two islands, in the 1st island players can catch normal animals, the 2nd one players can catch fantasy animals.

Special PlacesEdit

Special Places are where you just can join in game events.

  • Story Quest Places
  1. Dead Valley (Lvl 20)
  2. Swallow's Dock (Lvl 30)
  3. Solon Manor (Lvl 40)
  4. Mt. Mist (Lvl 60)
  5. Top Hall (Lvl 70)
  • Game's Events Places
  1. Chess Arena
  2. Football Field
  3. Swallow's Dock

Wild FieldsEdit

Wild Fields are where you can kill monsters for exp, do quests, PK, ....



Un-like other caves, tomb has a lot of powerful and dangerous monsters. And also a lot of exp each monster will give you.

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