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Minimum lv Requirement




Lv 1-5 taught by

Da Li: Pharmacist Fu (99,128)
Luo Yang: Pharmacist Zhang (136,165)

Lv 6-10 taught by

Guild City: Wong Lu (50,98)

Pharmacy is a Life Skill that consumes vigour. Pharmacy materials, for example LiquoriceLiquorice, can be acquired via Herbalism. One must learn recipes before medicinal items can be produced. It is similar to Cooking in that it requires ingredients to produce consumable items, though it's a disadvantage that recipes must be used within a close proximity to a stove, which is found next to NPCs that teach Pharmacy.

Using the Pharmacy SkillEdit

Standing close to a stove, found next to Pharmacy NPCs, open the Pharmacy life skill and choose a recipe. Recipes must be pre-learnt and require certain Pharmacy levels in order to be learnt. If you have enough Vigour, required ingredients and 2 item inventory space, click "produce" or "produce all" and you will make a medicinal item with that recipe.

Accidental ProductionEdit

Many items produced with this life skill are required for guild and class quests. Pharmacy has a secondary life skill, Pharmacology, which reduces the vigour cost of producing items with Pharmacy, and increases the likelihood of "accidental" ingredients being produced, which are especially sought after for some quests.

Levelling RequirementsEdit

Lv 1-5 requirements based on Main City NPCs.
Lv 6-10 requirements based on Guild City NPC.

Level Cost Minimum lv Proficiency Experience
Lv 1 25Silver 30 n/a n/a
Lv 2 50Silver 30 15/15 14639
Lv 3 1Gold 30 58/58 21724
Lv 4 2Gold 30 142/142 32021
Lv 5 4Gold 50 281/281 47197

Level Cost Minimum lv Proficiency Experience Contribution
Lv 6 6Gold 40Silver 50 492/492 55652 100
Lv 7 12Gold 80Silver 50 797/797 82028 250
Lv 8 25Gold 60Silver 50 1227/1227 120904 500
Lv 9 51Gold 20Silver 50 1835/1835 178205 1000
Lv 10


Being Researched-------

Common RecipesEdit

Common recipes require herbs that have been harvested via the Herbalism life skill, though they can be bought. There are standard drugs which are produced, though occasionally two drugs are produced at once, with the extra one being a buff-type medicine.

Lv 1 Drug RecipeEdit

Ingredients: White Herb, Typha, Fritillary Bulb, Poppy, Loquat, Liquorice, Golden Flower. (lv 1-3 herbs)

Drugs: Dark Olive Powder, Lordly Capsule, Lv 1 Healing Capsule, Lv 1 Healing Powder, Lv 1 Statice Powder, Lv 2 Healing Powder, Lv 2 Statice Powder, Lv 3 Statice Powder, Moonlight Powder

Lv 2 Drug RecipeEdit

Ingredients: Purple Flower, Medal, Spicy Leaf, Bark, White Flower, Tuckahoe, Mushroom, Ring Cluster, Goldthread. (lv 4-6 herbs)

Drugs: Agile Powder, Crane's Wing Capsule, Dragon Teeth Powder, Lv 2 Healing Capsule, Lv 3 Healing Capsule, Lv 5 Statice Capsule, Lv 11 Healing Salve, Musk Balm.

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