Pyromancer - trans
Element Fire
Attack Type Physical
Range Close
Recommended Weapons Falchion


Mounts Lion

White Lion

"When hungry, eat rice. When tired, close your eyes. When being attacked by murderous enemies, keep fighting."


Description: Pyromancers are characterised by their pre-emptive attacks; they give up defence for a short while in order to have the most powerful attacks among The Nine Classes. Pyromancers believe the Holy Fire will bless them to be reborn and will choose to die in combat rather than flee from battle.

Function: Pyromancers use devastating, upfront attack to cause heavy damage. Pyromancers maintain a heavy fire support role throughout battle, constantly dishing out damage to the opposition.

Location: Fire Palace.

So You Want to be a PyromancerEdit

In order to become a Pyromancer, you have to reach level 10 first. You can do this by following the Beginner quests given by Master Zhao in Da Li or you can take the quests in Mt. Infinity or Wild Plains. After you reach level 10, talk to Master Zhao and take the Join Classes quest. After that talk to him again and click on Visit --- , then pick Pyromancer. After clicking, Master Zhao will send you to the Fire Palace. When you get there, talk to Pyromancer Lew (107,57) and click on Join Class. After that he'll ask you if you're sure and then CONGRATULATIONS!! You are now a Pyromancer.

Pyromancer Class QuestsEdit

Pyromancer Class Quests

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