Royalty - trans
Element All
Attack Type Physical
Range Long
Recommended Weapons Fan & Chakram
Mounts Yellow Horse

Buckskin Horse

"Don't think. Feel! It's like a finger pointing to the moon. Don't concentrate on the finger or you'll miss all that heavenly glory."


The Royalty were born into their class, their station, and their traditional way of life. Good horsemanship is prized, so all children of the Royalty learn to ride at a young age. They practice their own form of martial arts to prove that luxurious living has not made them soft. Indeed, they are some of the toughest combatants in the martial arts world, vying constantly as they are with each other for status within their class. They are able to strike their foes from a distance, so they can deliver a slap to their inferiors without dirtying their noble hands.

Kung Fu fighters from Royalty prefer to use their fingers instead of a sword and are most famous for the 'Six Veins Divine Sword' which attacks the body`s vital points to stun the target or reduce the target's spiritual power. It is said that Royalty Kung Fu is the bane of spirit user.

Royalty is a long range physical attack class:

- Has the most balanced stats of any of the nine classes

- Highest accuracy of all nine classes

- Royalty does physical damage when attacking from long range

- Has strong resistance against all four attack elements (ice, fire, poison, and light)

- Almost all skills do direct damage (ignoring defense)

- Can use fire, ice, poison, and light elements

Discipline books:

Book 1 Sting * Flurry of Blows * Guardian's Ward

Book 2 Glowing Arrows * Leaf Walker * Solid Lock * Field Promotion

Book 3 Sick Air * Now for Wrath * Rain of Thorns

Book 4 Invulnerable * Flashing Blade * Horse's Rein * Sun Cross

Book 5 Weapon Boost * Water Cyclone * Converged Pink * Focused Eye

Book 6 Tower of Ancient * Proof Against All Ills * Focused Aim

Book 7 Blade Storm

Class life skill:

Parasite: you can produce item which can temporarily increase your WillPower, Reflexes etc. Meridian theory: secondary skill of Parasite which can increase succeed rate of Parasite. This is the unique life skill of Royalty. It takes some experience and gold to learn and upgrade.

Location: Royal Temple.

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